About Us

"Home Security experts since 2010"

Image & Masco is cutting edge knowledge. We are old school in our approach. We listen. We think. We solve, and We design. Image & Masco delivers. We create and simple solutions to help clients increase revenue without increasing overhead or operational expense. We curate, integrate and orchestrate the best functions of best-of- breed software and hardware.

Some words about us

Image & MAsco is confidently brand agnostic. We only select and incorporate the best in breed devices for our solutions and products.In the end, we offer the most comfortable, reliable and refined experience to our customers. Our systems’ stability, and our seamless integration of useful technology sets us apart from any large player. Most vendors and consultants are constrained by hardware devices that they either build sell and design or by companies in which they have a financial interest. Even most of our competitors manufacture the devices they deploy–even when those devices are behind the current technological advances. We stays ahead of the curve and tests new ideas and technology and then incorporates fresh products into our tried and true systems.

Our Mission

Image & Masco’s mission is to show the world that well designed, well thought out applications of wireless and other technologies makes life easier, more comfortable, more affordable and remarkably efficient. We are committed to making Technology Simple. We are cutting edge in our knowledge and we are clear in our mission–to solve problems with technology that is easy to use, always reliable and very predictable.

Our Vision

At Image & Masco, we believe life’s better when everything works together. Our firm interoperate with over 12,000 third-party consumer electronics devices—and that number is rapidly growing. By partnering with the biggest brands in consumer electronics, appliances, energy, lighting and home security, Image & MAsco leads the industry in interoperability, ensuring an ever-expanding eco-system of devices will work together in the home or business.

  • Professional Service

    Our well trained proffessional staffs and their extra ordinary skills are the key features of Image & Masco Technology Solutions

  • Affordable Prices

    Our Price and Payment terms are so customer friendly and if you are interested with our service just make a booking and lets meet-up with a coffee for your lifes best deal.

  • Great Support

    Our customer support team are instantly and responsibly responds to your queries and support tickets for 24 hours and all week days.

  • Service Warranty

    We provide service warranty of a particular time period for all of our services, if our customers need extra care and support as maintenance we are so happy to provide that.

Our Professional Team

We are dedicated and proud of our work and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations in every way. Our staff has been carefully and thoughtfully handpicked to give us the opportunity to offer you the best service possible. We have many years of combined experience and qualifications in electrical, Electronics, and computer ICT , audio, video, distribution and integration technologies.